Who is this girl starring at me?

Her eyes – deep butterflies hidden into the cliffs of the unknown.

Her skin – pale like the moonlight in a starless sky.

Her hair – clothing for skinny, bare, tired shoulders.

She is not well…


Who is this girl who never smiles back?

I see the corners of her mouth slowly lifting the irony of a fake smile.

They always seem to hurt, they always appear as false,

Her lies, reflected in the corners of her red berry lipstick

She is not honest…


Who is this girl crying inside?

She’s carrying a long lost love, killed by her favorite hero.

Through pain she learned that ashes burn deeper than fire!

That tears cannot feed a hungry heart!

She is not in love…no more in love…


Who is this girl giving up all the fighting?

Knowing damn well about the war she’s loosing with every step back!

Running from the beast trying to conquer her soul…

Fight back, girl, fight back!

She is not peaceful, nor in peace…


Who is this girl starring at me

From the dark corners of my memories?

Who is this girl in the mirror?



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25 thoughts on “Dark corners (Who is this girl?)

  1. What an awesome post my friend!! This moves me to evaluate who is starring back at me from the mirror!! I pray your reflection becomes clearer and filled with a light that you exude to others! Let that light shine around you, and lessen all the dark lines! Many warmest hugs!!

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    1. Thank you for saying this, it means a lot to me. I remember writing the poem in tears and feeling the pain in every word…The girl in the mirror got stronger, braver, a bit happier…I pray you’ll always see yourself smiling in that beautiful mirror of your soul! ❤️

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Trust me, I exactly know how that feels. I heartily hope you’re in your happy place right now. But that was…, really, I seriously felt that in me. That made my day. Have a good day and loads of love! ❤❤❤❤❤

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