img_5580When only hell is welcoming your soul,

That’s when it hurts to know that you’re a light…

“It’s not my fault, I lost control!”

So you already give up on your fight.


When pain and tears are overcoming  love,

That’s when you’re slowly burning in the acid rain…

“I cannot pray, there’s nothing up above!”

So you decide that life is all in vain.


When He is here, but you are just too blind…

That’s when forgiveness seems so far away…

“I feel too hurt, too angry to be kind!”

So you pretend is just another day.


You hear the words, but they mean nothing more…

Than just a silly, simple song or rhyme…

“I’m not a hero, nor a warrior!”

So you say love is just a waste of time.


That’s when I’ll be a mirror for your light

For all the love that will no longer die!

For every moment when you cannot fight,

I’ll cry for you when you’re too blind to cry.


Please…keep this foolish heart of mine…

‘Cause even if you lost its key,

I’ll love you ’till the end of time!

Don’t say it wasn’t meant to be!

When pain is deeper than the salty sea…

I hope you will remember me…

I pray you will remember me…






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