Dark WatersA world is ending and another one is reborn…the new one is made of thin shadows, vulnerable and airy, with one purpose only: to keep me safe ’till morning…Do you see the shadows?

An empire burns to its grounds and another one starts rebuilding from ashes…the new one is fragile, made of colors and dreams, imaginary characters with one desire only: to hold me tight ’till morning…Do you see the kings’s castle, made for me only?

A life sacrifice itself on the altar of good will and another one plays wild, twisted, tormented games, with one freedom only: to make me happy ’till morning…Do you see me dancing with my demons?

While you are sleeping, they fail. The shadows, the kings, the games. But you can’t see me crying out scared, scratching my knees on impossible walls, dying inside…while you dream.

You leave a door wide open, so that I could run away every night, terrified by the sound of your peaceful breathing. See, my love, your peace became my nightmare, a war I cannot win, nor survive, while you are sleeping.

Tears fall into an ocean of broken goodbye notes, but your sweet dreams wont sail the troubled waters. I’m left here, with the monsters and I’m sorry…there’s no way I could ever fight them, so I just become one myself, while you are dreaming.

Our bond breaks to the point of no returning and I’m someone else’s love…while you quietly smile in the safety of your bed. And I’m more awake than ever…with him.

While you are sleeping, I’m powerless…drowning in black waters, desperate enough to miss the same chains I used to hate. The old golden cage that used to be my home. But you don’t need this drama, in your perfect nocturnal harmony. Do you?

…so I just kiss your forehead, I tuck you in and turn the lights off…

Good night, my love. Goodbye.




I found the image at: https://www.deviantart.com/kylu/art/Dark-Waters-6635387



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