He’s waiting in the dark, every single night, hungrily preying on my weakened soul. Red eyes, sharp teeth, wicked claws – deceiving shadow in the ever lasting nights…

He wants nothing less than a taste of eternity and he knows how to get it! Stealing my life, he promises the one thing he cannot give: peace.

Lost in my sleeplessness, numbed by the emptiness inside…that’s how he wants me, a shell of broken dreams, unaware of the wonders given upon me…

He wants me to feel nothing! That’s how you know…

You know he bit you when tears turn to blood and your book of life turns grey. When there are no colors to paint the raging world outside…

…when you’re a walking dead, with ghostly eyes and sealed emotions!

And they will call you lazy…

and they will think you’re blind…

So they will offer their expertise, advises, solutions…little miracles all boxed and ready to be used!

But nothing works, because the wolf is here, cruelly laughing at their pointless efforts.

He’s waiting in the dark, he knows the taste of my blood and the warmth of my tears. Bold and reckless, thirsty for the light inside me, he gave me no choice…

…but to fight for my soul!

Watch out, children of God, there’s a wolf outside. Take your prayers as your unbeatable armor, remember the love we were given, call an army of angels if that’s what it takes!

To destroy the beast for ever.



Title inspired by Kelly Family’s song “The wolf” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZIJKeOc4Vvc

Photo from my personal collection

15 thoughts on “There’s a wolf out there! (watch out, children!)

    1. Your words give me hope and faith, thank you! My gratitude for the reblogging of my post, my prayers for this kindness within you, may it shine upon many lives, in the name of God! 😇🙏

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  1. Being a photographer who speaks on behalf of photographers rights, I found your comment, “I found this image…” so, I went Amazon. You took it from the cover of sim app. Likely, the creator paid to license the picture, which you “found.” The wolf survives… in you. Just sayin.


    1. I will remove the image. Maybe “I found” was not the best way to express my gratitude and admiration to the photographer who took this amazing picture, I sincerely apologize.

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      1. I have an idea who made the picture, but I’m not entirely sure.

        Please just keep one thing in mind. Just because a picture appears somewhere on the internet doesn’t mean it’s free to use. Pictures are somebody’s work.

        A lot of photographers will let you use a picture for a credit, especially on a blog. I do.

        And, there are a couple of free photo websites too.

        I really do appreciate you and your response.

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      2. Thank you for pointing that out, I did not have any bad intentions. To be honest, I just attached the link, without further research. It was late, I was just finishing writing about a very painful subject, and so on. As you can see, I edited the post, removing any photo or link that I have no rights to use.
        I appreciate you too. The wolf may survive inside me, as you said, but I do my best not to feed it 🙂.
        Have a nice day!

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      3. Claudia, I know. Most people are sincere and don’t understand what they are doing. If you’d like, feel free to poke around Storyteller, which has been around for eight years, you are welcome to use my work with a credit and a link. The wolf? Constant battle. 🙂

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  2. As always, your words reach my core!!! The claws of the wolf are very real- and not something that anyone can prepare for. But, one thing I am learning as I fight my own wolf…there has to be just an ounce of belief within myself that I can defeat him. It has been through the words of a few dear friends- one of which is you… that have always moved me towards believing in myself. I have found that it is so Much easier to offer the right words to another, rather than heeding them ourselves. Dear Claudia- you have greater strength than even you realize. There is a way out of the shadows…a way to free yourself from the angry grip of the wolf. Hold tight to those that can offer help…

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    1. My dearest friend, we are defeating the wolf simply by choosing life when its devious voice calls us to give up. And I always felt that you are meant to save others from its claws too. As for me, I’m far from being strong, far from believing in myself…I only know that God is the strength I need and He believes I can make it through the darkness…so I just follow His voice.
      And when I fall…that’s when the human angels like yourself are there for me, holding my hand. I am grateful beyond words for the chance of knowing you, my wonderful Sharon! Be blessed! ❤️

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    1. Yes, you can outsmart him! Not only because you’re stronger, but also because you’re carrying a special, invincible armor – made of love. You are loved and he knows it, this is what drives him mad. And now you have my prayers and my thoughts of light too…with you, in your battles. Yes, we are winning! 🙂😇 Thank you for your message and for being here! Thank you with all my heart!

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