I saw you running away again, I saw you hiding your eyes, so I had to come…Why are you smiling, here, in the darkest corner of your empty room? No one can see you, no one but me…the ghost of your years to come, so, why are you still smiling?

The show you put on every day is quite beautiful, the mask shines so bright in the moonlight…yes, you got their standing ovations! But here, where no one applauds, why do you keep wearing it?

You thought your love is a lullaby, to cradle your soul through all the insecurities and hurt, so you sang it all alone in the rain…but here, where no one hears your voice, why can’t you stop singing?

You swore that life is all about giving, so you offered the best of you -and all for free-, just to learn that he’s fed up of your generosity! So here, where no one takes your given heart, why don’t you quit offering?

Who am I, you keep asking…

I’ll tell you one thing…your bitterness created me.

My hands feel cold, wet and slippery…your tears.

My lips taste like fresh, salty blood…red like your cuts, sad like the remaining scars.

My hair is made of silken ropes…your nightmares.

And my heart, oh, my heart…I guess loneliness never had a heart!

Yes, I am a ghost and I’m damn sure I ain’t leaving! I’ll keep haunting you and I’ll keep frighten you! I’ll be the arms that wont stop holding you…I’ll be that one reason you need to raise your eyes and your voice! I’ll challenge you to be honest! I’ll be there to protect you, when there’s no one else…

And don’t you dare dying!

I am the ghost of your years to come. I am your choice, your light perverted into darkness. Stop smiling, it’s time to take off all of your masks. It’s time to fall…and to pray…to love and to trust…to believe and to discover.

It’s time to live. Differently.


16 thoughts on “I’ll be there to protect you!

  1. Oh my dear friend…. I feel every word- as I always do with your writing!! It’s like my own heart is spilling out onto the page. I know the pain of wearing the masks- of smiling even when it’s just me and the ghosts. Only then- the smiles are out of fear. I feel for what your words convey… the emptiness of living a lie, a falsehood that the world must see. I marvel at your ability to put the words together, and make others see and feel what comes from the heart!!! Much love to you my sweet Claudia!! ❤️

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    1. My dearest friend, I recently began to take off some of my masks…This post is actually a letter to my younger self, after so many wasted years. Loneliness, bitterness, sadness…but something good came out of all this pain: my chance to re-define faith as complete love and total trust. This Light keeps me going…may it always shine upon you! ❤️😇

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      1. The idea of writing a letter to our younger self is actually a really good idea, I think. Just as possibly writing from the perspective of as if we were writing to a dear friend. This may be something that I need to do in my own life. Thanks for the insight.

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    1. Thank you with all my heart, for your beautiful words and, also, for following my blog! I’m honored! I’m looking forward to read more of your work, the beginning is heart touching! 🙏🤗


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