62532136_2529419917088634_5430782074715897856_nWhy did you leave? – that’s all I need to know!

Her fragile voice was breaking in the night

Her pleading arms surrendered without fight

But he just laughed…”such a pathetic show!”.


“You see…I’m bored…you used to be more fun!”

Down on her knees, she spoke of memories

Sweet little lies, terrible agonies!

“You have your drama, I just have to run!”


Am I not beautiful, am I not kind?

You said my love is all you ever needed!

I was your Muse and poetry you breathed…

Was I mistaken, was I blind?


I want another poem meant for me!

I will inspire you to write the perfect rhyme!

The kind of metaphor that lasts in time…

We’ll be together in eternity…


“Stop wasting tears and pleads and time!

There’ll never be a poem meant for you…

I may be cruel, but now you know it’s true…

No longer yours, no longer mine!


Her eyes turned black, her heart turned cold,

A Muse without her Poet cannot live…

So if you walk away, my soul I’ll give!

To angry wolves and beasts of gold!


He cupped her face and kissed her empty eyes

“Now if you want, I’ll tell you why…

And you will see, it’s no surprise…

My perfect rhymes in love disguised!”


Don’t blame me, you have nothing to accuse!

All of my poems spoke of rain…

Yes, I was feeding of your pain!

And when you’re happy there’s no gain!

So if there’s nothing left in you to use…

I’ll be the Poet without Muse…




Photo from my personal collection


21 thoughts on “The Poet without Muse

    1. Hereโ€™s the explicit version: the poet was inspired by the muse, because she was always sad…so his poetry was all about rain (her tears, her suffering). He seduced the muse, thinking that, by having her near, his success will be assured. She felt loved, protected, desired…she was happy! No more pain, no more inspiration for the poet. So he hurt her by rejecting the love and the closeness she was giving. He destroys her in order to create the fuel for his creations.
      The cruelty of his action relies in him considering her pain (that once inspired him) as boring. So she was destroyed…for nothing. The poet remains a self-sufficient, entitled narcissist. She remains…a muse for those who have eyes to see and heart to love ๐Ÿ™‚
      Hope it was helpful. Thank you for reading and liking.โค๏ธ


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