wings-2595714_960_720Uncertain and fragile, the words fly from my lips, like restless butterflies in the midsummer. I hide my eyes in the warmth of his body, while my senses are invaded by the woody flavor of his skin. Addictive and profound, his perfume embraces my whole being, leaving me no choice but to surrender to the desire he creates in me…

A gentle touch and the fire spreads through my body, ravaging boundaries and senseless rules, melting walls of fear, giving life to an inner world that stopped existing so long ago. He knows it and I can feel his fiery smile, as he unwraps this wild heart, turning every beat into a melody…

Unhesitatingly and willingly, my heart reveals the gift it carries inside, rushing its rhythm until his world and mine are one perfect universe of emotion. And, while my mind still denies it, while doubts speak the arguments of reason, he takes me to a place of wonders, a castle where broken dreams become whole again…

Memories turned into white fog, for I’m too weary to remember the glorious crown I used to wear. No longer the princess in my high cold-iced tower, no longer the prisoner of a life that broke me, and so much more than an angel, this woman that rose from the ashes is wild and hungry for a love she was always denied of. Desire burning through my veins, while my lips whisper and my heart sighs…

Will he be brave enough this time…

…to play with fire?



all credits for the picture, to the site of free photos



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