man-1519665_960_720“Why are you always sad?” I asked, but he just smiled, pulling me closer, so close that my heartbeats became one with his. So tight, that my breathing stopped and I knew I’m slowly losing myself into darkness.

We met on a dark alley, a place where good souls are never supposed to be. I was not supposed to be here, not by my choice! Barefoot, tears streaming down my face, memories killing the very last trace of a painful love still lingering inside me.

Betrayed, pushed away, exiled by the one I adored more than life itself.

And then I met him, with his grey eyes and dark hair, covering the noble sadness in his gaze, with a long coat and a slightly cynical smile. Suited for the prince of twilight.

“Be mine” he told me “and I will make you forget”, and I just fell for this promise of peace. So he spread his wings and fire overcame my world, redefining everything I thought safe. He turned the dark alley into a labyrinth of shadows, a new home for my heart. He took away my memories, so I was oblivious to pain, desensitized to sweetness and beauty.

He made me look into a mirror full of dirt and I saw it all!

the Ugly me

the Reject

the Unfit me

the Stupid

the Unfaithful

the Shameful me!

“Why are you always sad?” I asked and, with a smirk, he answered:

“Because you are dying.”

Fearful and horrified, I tried to get out, but his claws made bloody traces on my skin, his teeth bit hard into my flesh, his fire pierced my soul…

Escaping him was beyond my human powers! It was divine, the hand that saved me, it was celestial, the light that showed me the way.

It took me a lifetime…

It took away my precious memories…

It destroyed my innocence.

Meet my first demon: Depression 



All credits for the portrait to the free-photos website


19 thoughts on “Meet my demons (I)

    1. Thank you so much, your words touched my heart. The emotion is real, the pain and the love expressed through metaphors, are true, the struggle is authentic, thank you for seeing this between my lines!
      I just read a few of your posts, you write with such kindness, creating such a beautiful bond with your readers…I’m impressed! So nice to discover you here! ♥️


    1. Thank you for your beautiful words! That line refers to a special place inside my soul, where love was once very innocent and naive. Memories are bitter-sweet, but that special love never truly died. Painful and sweet, at the sane time, it still lingers inside…♥️🙏

      Liked by 1 person

  1. I love the way you describe this. There would be a big line of all my demons – I hate to think of it.
    We have a God who is greater than all and no matter what state we find ourselves in He will always love us.

    Liked by 1 person

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