I had a dream, the strangest you could ever think of… he said, gently taking my hand in his, smiling when my fingers met the warmth of his skin.

It was about hell…it opened its gates and black storms were released into the world. The trees were kneeling and worshiping its powers and a dark smoke covered the sky…he whispered, kissing my sleepy eyes, surprised by their peacefulness.

Winds were dancing around us, trying to break the invisible bond between your soul and mine, and I begged you…don’t let go of me, never let go…he sighted, pulling me closer, inhaling the perfume of my bare shoulders, trying to memorize its fragrance.

And you were fearless. 

But they were stronger, they broke the arms that held me and, slowly, your heart was breaking too…while mine was turning into ice…he gasped, planting butterfly kisses on my neck, surprised by the tremble in my body.

I saw you praying to an angry sky, I saw you pleading for love, I tried to say “I love you”…but demons twisted it into an insult. My tender touches, meant to sooth your bruises, hell turned them into violence…I saw you dying in my dream…he cried, pressing his head on my chest, listening to the beatings of my heart.

But you’re alive, more beautiful than ever, your eyes brighter than stars, rose petals on your lips, wild orchids on your skin…your heart creating music in my ear…You are here! You did not let go…you never will…You went to hell to find me and now we’re back home!

He turned aside, embracing my pillow. It was still wet from all the tears I cried over this darkness. The room is empty, there’s no one in my side of the bed. I’m still in hell, trying to find a love divine by nature…and he’s not here with me.

Where are you? Why are you never here when I’m lost in nightmares? 

Why can’t I wake up?


All credits for the photo to the talented Sam Williams from

Title inspired by

18 thoughts on “Fearless in this love…

    1. I’m so glad that you like them, I’m in love with their music. His voice can hypnotize 🙂. Thank you for liking my post, it means more than I can express! ♥️♥️♥️

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    1. You have a lovely blog, Sreya, I’m glad I discovered you! What I like the most is that you put passion and dedication in every one of your articles. Keep doing this great job!
      And thank you for your kind words, for following and liking my writings, I am honored! Blessings! 🙏🤗


    1. First I want to thank you with all my heart for your kind words. I am truly honored by the like and share of my blog post.
      Dear friend, I am sorry to disappoint you, but I don’t do sharings, it’s my blog’s policy. I will surely read and like your articles, I would gladly promote you, through comments and likes, as a talented writer and a kind soul that you are.
      Best regards,


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