steampunk-4107687_960_720The insatiable green cups of my eyes tasted your venom,

so now, drunk and weary, my tears are wandering…

You tried to kiss them, but my eyelids desperately fluttered, like two intoxicated birds escaping cages.

The broken wings of my eyebrows stretched to their zenith, until my expression was nothing but fear.

It was not innocence, the reason why I shivered under your touch,

while lips are trembling, and hearts are dying crushed by the fists of despair!

You thought my eyes are bright, but they were empty…’cause drunken tears left long ago, searching for drugs higher than love.

My green cups of fragility, doors to a soul you ravished, now learning to be sober.

Come close, my love, just taste a drop of honey, it pours onto my blushing cheek, I swear it’s sweet…

Don’t be so shy, why do you fear me? It’s only poison…

The one you gave me long ago…until…drunk and weary…and lost…

I became an addict.



All credits for the photo to the talented Felicia Ruiz from


34 thoughts on “Intoxicated

  1. Now isn’t this powerful? Love the closing statement. The word choices were rather indulging and hands on metaphors. Love the converging of the ideas and how fragments of them all ended in that last line. The closing really struck a chord. Wonderful. Peace and greetings from Sui generis 💛

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, Shanyu, words are not nearly enough to express the emotion, the gratitude, the blessing I felt in the reading of your message.
      Thank you for your kindness, I’m honored to feel appreciated by such talented writer! 🙏♥️


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