One day you’ll see the flames inside me and, suddenly, hell will make sense in your sleeping conscience.

One day you’ll love me too.

Not today. Today is about masks that hide our deformities. Our scarred hearts. Our blinded eyes.

Today is about being wrong.

One day my naked body will be the altar for you to lay your love at.

One day you’ll want me too.

Not today. Today is about destruction and disarming the enemy. You and me, soldiers fighting against each other. You hurt me so bad and now I’m deadly bleeding!

Today is about laughing of my pain.

One day you’ll realize the damage we have done and the blessing in the love we were given.

One day you’ll regret it too.

Not today. Today you’re the king of destiny and I’m the queen of broken pieces.

Forgive me, Your Highness!

One day I’ll wear a smile for you. An honest one.

Not today. Today my heart is dying.

38 thoughts on “I’ll wear a smile for you…

  1. Yes,I hope that very soon you will be doing exactly what your heart yearns for .May the Good Lord resolve all the problems of pestilence,disasters and pandemics soon and enable you to offer your heartfelt gratitude and love to your deity.Thanks for the beautiful post.👍🌹🙏

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    1. That’s so sweet of you to say, thank you with all my heart! May we find healing, freedom, love and faith through every day, in every way…🤗♥️


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