They pointed to the old house, then ran away laughing and joking about my craziness. Who could blame them? A lost village, a road that’s not on maps, a dream, a calling…A stubborn, reckless heart that, once again, loved the wrong one! The blind one, the insane one, the undead one!

The young ones always laugh…

The voice came from all fairy-tales I ever believed in. Her smile was wrinkled but her eyes had the brightness of forever youth. And I stood mesmerized, unable to explain…but then I just ignored the weirdness of all, and said hi to the sweet old lady in front of me.

You have to cross the bridge, it’s shaky, so be wise!

Inside me I was shouting at myself, hating my lack of wisdom, my inability to guard my feelings, this naivety that brought so much pain. Inside me, I was crying.

If you find a dead-end, if the forest rejects you, you do not push your luck! You go back home and you’ll be safe.

Home…they say that home is where the heart is, so I guess I’m homeless…Rejection…yes, I know the signs, I’ll take it bravely, like I always do…but I’ll never be safe. Not when darkness is creeping inside me, biting hungrily from the core of my fears.

So here I am, crossing a bridge that seems alive and angry. The howling waters, the whispering wind, no birds or butterflies to calm my anguish…just a hopeless dream, just a loveless life…there’s nothing scarier than this emptiness inside me, so…LET ME CROSS THE BRIDGE!

I said it out loud, ’cause all noise stopped. The forest smiles, laying green stairs at my feet. White butterflies play in my hair and there, in the sparkling green grass…there’s a white feather. An angel…could it be watching? Could I be loved? That much, that deep…no, never.

And then I see her, in all its beauty.


“They say you’re haunted, but I’m the haunted one…his words left me broken…I feel like an undead walking among the undead…a living ghost…

Am I that worthless? Is he that heartless? Does Love even exists in this world where words don’t heal anymore…So if you truly see inside the broken hearts…I need a friend now…”

Some say she speaks to their heart, some blame the wind…

Some swear she listens, some leave more burdened…

Some worship cold stones, some turn their eyes to the sky…

Some love…

I just embraced the lonely forest’s lady, and I felt an aching heart beating strongly against the cold, old stone. My heart. Still alive, my best prove that love blossoms even in a soulless world.

Even among the undead.



16 thoughts on “Among the undead

    1. I found it in a forest in Transylvania, where I spent my family vacation. The place has something…out of this world and, just like in movies, it was hard to be reached.
      I couldn’t find the meaning of the inscriptions on the statue and the locals were not very open to us.
      Anyway, God speaks to us in mysterious ways…
      Thank you so much for liking this post! ♥️♥️♥️

      Liked by 1 person

  1. What a heartfelt piece. As I always seem to do- I felt your words to my core!! It’s as if you were inside my head & inside my heart- and wrote all that I felt!!! To physically be among the living- but carry a soul that feels so dead lately.


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