white-dove-2678003_960_720What is this special feeling, nesting inside me like a seed of pure light, unseen at first, yet so rewarding in its sweetness? It’s Gratitude or is it so much more?

I’m grateful, Father, for every beautiful soul I was blessed to meet along this journey. For all the love I ever receive when I was down. For life, for health, for every trial! For every moment when I doubt myself, for humbling my arrogance…Thank you!

How would I name this river of tears flowing from this heart of mine, reaching the deep seas of other special souls? Is it Forgiveness, or is a miracle?

Forgive me, Father, for every moment when my heart was closed and hardened, for now I feel so free, embracing the ones who harmed me, knowing that no mistake defines us and we are given the chance to forgive each other…Thank you!

Where is this power coming from, if not from Heaven? Stronger than demons, faster than any shadow, brighter than fire? It’s Faith that’s building hope inside me, or is the voice of Angels?

I believe, Father, with everything inside me, I believe in You! For I saw hell, even inside me, and I sensed evil in so many actions, I tasted the bitterness and touched the flames, and still grew stronger…Thank you!

You feel it too, this warmth that guides us towards each other? This innocence that makes us believe that, even in labyrinths of pain and darkness, we’ll still find each other, we’ll still save each other? It’s Love the name of the wonder, or is it YOU?

Here on my knees I’m lost for words, so please receive this prayer flowing from my heart:

I love you, Father…Thank you for loving me back!



All credits for the photo to I.A. from http://www.pixabay.com



58 thoughts on “Here on my knees

  1. This is lovely!
    I said the prayer too as I read.
    There were moments where I had to pause, go back and read the prayer points again.
    This write up is perfect!
    Thank you for sharing such powerful, captivating, sweet words.
    I just love the whole positive vibe about this.

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    1. Thank you with all my heart and soul!
      I had a few rough days, felt so down, lost and lonely and, as I was trying to get out by myself, I was only sinking deeper.
      Then I fell on my knees, giving it all to God…my fears, my darkness, my doubts, my terrible choices. The result was beyond words…
      This post was written out of pure gratitude and love. For God and for all the good people who still believe in me despite seeing me falling over and over again.
      You are among these wonderful people. Thank you! ♥️🙏

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    1. Thank you from the bottom of my heart! People like yourself, genuinely kind, beautiful inside and outside, generous and honest, you give me strength! My gratitude and love to you!
      A huge thank you for nominating me! I feel honored and happy beyond words! 🙏♥️
      Can you please provide a link to the award? Thank you so so much! 💕

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      1. You are a gifted author. Let me encourage you to ask God for His leading in your writings. I work on my articles every day of the week, and begin each day with a prayer for God’s leading.

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    1. Thank you for saying this, it touched my heart! He’s always giving me more than I could possibly deserve…your kindness towards me is a gift among the most precious ones, so thank you…🙏💖

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  2. Such a lovely prayer and an amazing experience. I have forgiven all the people who have broken my heart and spirit and I know this is only possible because of the Holy Spirit. Our Father in Heaven can do so much that we can’t understand and all because of His never-ending love for us. May the Lord bless you.

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  3. “feel so free, embracing the ones who harmed me, knowing that no mistake defines us and we are given the chance to forgive each other…”
    So empowering and relatable! I was swept away by your rich expression!

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  4. When we surrender to God that is when we are set free. We can try to find things to take away what we are feeling but they do not work. For we are spirit beings and because we are it will take the Lord to fill that void on the inside of us.

    It reminds me of Psalm 139, I read this a lot when my emotions get all over the place.

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  5. You are beautiful and I am glad that you pour out your heart to your Heavenly who is the sustainer of your life. Every prayer from the heart is wonderful. This is wonderful, because of the deliverance. If we never fall in defeat, the rising in victory won’t take us to another level. Thank you for sharing and being transparent. Someone who read this will know what to do, Like you, I shall fall to my knees and look towards the heaven. Love and Hugs.

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    1. Words are too small to express the joy and the light you brought into my soul through your heartfelt message!
      So I’ll only say…Thank you! May God bless you and keep you safe always! 🙏♥️

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