Writing request: Write a story or a scene where the main character suspects that the voices they hear are hiding a secret from them.

The voices were louder than ever before:
They don’t like your writings. It’s all about your lack of fantasy!”
“You’re a coward! You hide behind your fictional characters instead of taking responsibility for your problems!”
“But maybe that’s your way of healing…”
“Don’t be stupid! It’s not about healing, it’s about getting attention!”
“No, it was never about that!”
“So, you don’t care about the likes and comments, right? You’re such a hypocrite!”
“Because of your stupid writings, someone might feel hurt or offended. Someone might start hating you and you know what? It’s well deserved!”
“If you could be more interesting!”
“If you could care less about their opinions!”
“If you could stop crying like a baby every time someone bullies you! It’s normal, this is the world we’re living in!”
“It’s not normal, other people are loved and admired!”
“Just not…you”

She shouted out loud, so loud that everyone turned to see what’s wrong. Some even left their seats and came closer, with their phones, already smiling, thinking of the views they’ll get on YouTube for posting it…
STOPPP…please, just stop…
She said it again and, just like magic, the voices stopped. The stillness in her mind felt awkward and dangerous. Felt empty.
She knew it right away, they never stop, unless they’re planning something. Usually against her. That’s how they are, mean and secretively hateful. What is their secret now?
The video got viral on YouTube. On some other social media too. Titles like:
“Crazy blogger-girl has a meltdown in restaurant” or
“Seeking for attention, this blogger only becomes ridiculous” or
“How to embarrass yourself in public” became her new normal. And voices remained silent.
And people forgot about it completely.
And no one ever wondered what happened to the girl who hears voices after she deleted her blog.

She left a note saying “I know their secret now. They want to kill me, but I won’t give them satisfaction…”

Image from http://www.pixabay.com

13 thoughts on “Deleted

  1. This is fascinating. I can well believe that people would soon forget the viral video. My own voices are not yet silenced, but the evidence is against their claim that people will remember my failures. They’re too busy trying to prevent their own.

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  2. I totally get this, so many people have said that they will look at my blog and never do, or say they will contact me and never do. I sometimes think that I would be better off talking to the voices in my head. I have also deleted my facebook page for similar reasons (this fits in with your post but also in case you were wondering). Take care.

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    1. Thank you for this message, I missed hearing from you. I can’t write anymore…I’m always feeling guilty for wasting time – and time is so precious during these hard moments. I also feel there’s nothing important or precious about my writings, so I focus my energy on praying and talking to God.
      Don’t know if I’ll delete my blog, or just leave it behind, but I just can’t go back on writing.
      Stay safe there!


      1. I miss you too. You should keep on writing as I believe that for us both it is a gift from the Lord. I believe that if you can encourage or entertain people with you writing then you should write when you get the chance. Happy anniversary by the way. 3yrs today. I have been praying for you and your family. Take care.

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