I always wondered how it would be if all people would have a magic mirror. To reflect the inner beauty, the unspoken words, all the little smiles hidden in the corners of our eyes. What would my mirror reflect?

Someone told me a few years ago that I’m an “old spirit”. I said thank you, knowing he meant well, but in my mind…oh, in my mind it was a completely different speech. “What do you mean old? I don’t feel old! I’m young, free, ready to fly high, I’m impulsive, impatient and childish at the same time! And yes, I was born in the 80’s but I feel like 24!”. Now I smile knowing that wisdom is such a precious gift…

So, I was thinking to create the magic mirror I always dreamed about. To see myself and to reveal myself in a way I never dared before. Between the lines is all about honesty…I will try, at least, to let you hear my inner voice, to show you the true colors of my soul. And I hope you’ll like what you see between the lines.

Now, about me. Family, faith, kindness and tolerance. Words that defines me and bring a warm smile to my face. My name is Claudia and I’m (almost) 37, I’m working as a psychologist in an Eastern European country. Romania…the land of contrasts. And there are so many things to say about the subject…

I am not a writer and I never learned English in school. Never attended an English class. I just found myself speaking (with a terrible accent) and writing (my grammar is also terrible), so I want to believe that it all came from Above. I also have an inexplicable passion for Dutch 🙂 and I understand Spanish.

So, this is my “about” page, I can’t wait to start writing and creating, piece by piece, little by little, that magic mirror! What a journey it will be! Please join me, smile with me and tell me what you see between the lines!