I see my blog as a beautiful journey into a world of emotions, where every step matters and, through metaphors, short stories and (hopefully) interesting characters, I’ll be able to describe the storm that re-shaped my life and re-defined love for me, the past six years.

Who am I? You know, there is never a simple, plain answer, so, like a painter, I’ll try to let you see the shades and the nuances of my heart. So, try to imagine…

A smiling child, born into a sunny spring, who’s love for butterflies, heart-shaped clouds and green hills defined every childhood’s memory. Never really fitting in, never truly trying to, knowing from the start that I’m “different somehow”. Too sensitive, too honest, too carrying…too much of an empath!

A woman who’s eyes saw, many years ago, freedom and democracy restored into the country she loves, just to realize that the fight for her dreams of equality and democracy will take more than a generation.

A mother who would move mountains and cross oceans for her children, because that’s the most precious and sacred bond she ever had.

A dreamer, a psychologist, a believer, a warrior and a survivor.

My name is Claudia, I was born in April 1980, in Romania. I work as a psychologist, my clients are the real heroes. Their battle to break the circle of depression, to fight anxiety, PTSD, childhood trauma, sometimes to rise above the darkness of their psychosis inspires and motivates me to always improve, to keep searching for the best therapeutic approach.

I value honesty and kindness. Wisdom, for me, is the gift to treasure light in the darkest places. Innocence and a childlike joy is what defines being in love. Love and faith is what keeps me alive.

So, this is where the journey starts, please join me to create bridges of light between our worlds.

If words are the only way to touch your heart, let’s find each other in stories meant to heal…