Is this the way?

Writing request: Write a poem which describes the feeling of betrayal.

My naked body smells like dirt and anger,
You touched it with your dirty hands…
Is this the way you touch her too?

My tender lips covered in tears and bruises,
They tasted poison from your hungry mouth…
Is this the way you kiss her too?

My gentle heart beats self-destructive rhythms,
You poured your wicked lies where it was love…
Is this the way you hurt her too?

Hate has a name, and I’ll proclaim it
As just another story of a murdered trust…
Say it out loud, I need to hear you, baby!
Is this the way you play her too?
It’s called Betrayal.

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The Keeper

Writing request: Write a story about a character that quits its job or gets fired and what does this mean to him. The character can be fictional.

The keeper looked at his own hands in awe, as if he’d never seen them before.
“A thousand gates these hands have locked, oh sweet old hands!”
Shaking from the core of his being, his eyes filled with salty waters.
“A million stories these eyes have seen, oh precious eyes of mine!”
Stumbling in front of the light, he mumbled words of blasphemy and pain.
“Ten times more pain these heart would carry, ten billions souls this lips would judge…
but I am worthless…I am useless…I am fired…”
He knew the gates of Heaven by heart, for he had kept them locked ever since Adam and Eve, broken and numb, left to search for a different kind of bliss.
So he shouted out loud to the white sky:
“Have it your way, oh, God of thunders! I’ll leave, for you don’t need me anymore! The gates are open, for your own creation! To come and to enjoy! To fill your boredom with laughs and violins! And me…oh, God of lightnings?! What am I left to keep?”
He fell and hit the solid ground, scratching his hands and knees, crying and bleeding his heart out…
God smiled: “You, silly angel! The gates are open, so wide open, so is my heart! So is my Love! You’re fired and you’re hired and you’re all mine…your job will be to Love them above all…cause they will loose the path so many times…remind Me again and again to guide them Home!”
The keeper smiled and a whole world saw the rainbow of forgiveness once again.

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