When silence isn’t quiet anymore


Do you know that sometimes, when is dark,

-really dark

your ghostly eyes do light my path, like white, slow fires,

and in their flames I see desires?

-you think I’m blind?-

Is it true that, sometimes, when it’s cold,

-truly cold-

your icy lips do freeze the sweet and soft caresses

and all I hear is bitter guesses?

-you think I’m deaf?-

Have you see that, sometimes, when love dies,

-actually dies!-

your hopeless heart still speaks its free, wild prayer

and I am tortured by despair?

-you think I’m voiceless?-

Oh, don’t you know that silence screams the coldest blasphemy?

It turns my soul into a scene for wild obscenity!

It shouts into my helpless agony…

-that you are lost-

It isn’t quiet in its cruelty!

-When all we are is dust in savage wind,

you think I’m made of stone?-



All credits for the photo to Abigail from http://www.pixabay.com






Bless me with rain

cherry-blossoms-in-the-rain-2090345_960_720Silky and airy – fingertips touching clouds,

Insatiably sweet – rain on my lips,

Kisses from a thirsty burning sky…

Old cherry trees, slow dancing in the misty light.

Blue petals in my hair.


Where do you fly so suddenly – white birds of summer?

Behind the dark, is there a brighter place?

Thief, playful wind! Give me the kisses!

The butterflies you stole from yesterday’s dream!

Soft whispers of my heart.


One with the sky – my dream was dying,

From ashes to restore my faith in Love!

This time I will…I promise to remember

How roses bloom in corners of my mouth.

The traces of your light.


I know this storm, it’s gonna be so gruesome!

I feel its voice, it hollows through my soul…

Bless me with rain, oh, God of thunders!

So that my cry would stay unseen

Into the blindness.


Blue petals in my hair, soft whispers of my heart,

The traces of your light into the blindness.

Is it a dream? There’s no sense in this rain!

No sense at all

To feel so lonely.



All credits for the photo to the talented Jan Haerer from pixabay.com




The one who gives

address-book-2246432_960_720Starry eyes, dreamy and bright, ready to sparkle, amazed by the mystery of life, they turn to oceans of blue, filled with hopeless regrets.

Playful fingers, burning with the restlessness of so many unwritten thoughts, they write for their unspoken love, secretly wishing to touch, to caress, to discover.

Big heart, full of kindness, always ready to build bridges, to break walls, to conquer the silence in an universe of broken promises and abandoned emotions.

Lonely soul, searching for its family among strangers, willing to embrace the fragility of human faith, as the last resort against darkness.

Small steps, dancing barefoot on the icy surface of a dream they cannot let go, because it’s the one thing that keep them going.

Unrecognized fire, strong and stubborn, created by your passion for truth and justice, essence of good, core of purity, extract of the beauty within.

It’s you…

So that you’d know you’re seen and loved and treasured,

my silly heart, grateful to the fullest, oblivious of your real name, created this childlike metaphor. The one who gives…because all of my dreams are born into your poems.


All credits for the photo to cromaconceptovisual from pixabay.com

I wish I were your lover

I wish I were a poet, so that my metaphors could tame the beast inside you, the one who’s angrily biting from your loving heart, leaving you heartless…The poet died one more time tonight, along with all the beauty of its naked soul.

(I’m not a poet, my lyrics have no rhyme, my metaphors are trivial!)

I wish I were a writer, so that my stories could turn you into a fearless hero, so powerful and noble, the savior of our dying love…The writer threw another book into the fire, along with all its hopes for happy-endings.

(I’m not a writer, my stories lack a proper grammar, my intrigue is boring!)

I wish I were a scientist, so that my tears could have a healing power, sweetly melting this wall between us…The scientist turned its tears into acid, than drank this bitter cup of pain again and again.

(I’m not a scientist, my work has no value, no logic, no purpose at all!)

I wish I were a philosopher, so that my thoughts could be a meaningful answer to your endless search for more…The philosopher took an overdose of sarcasm, ending its searches with a self-proclaimed, self-sufficient truth.

(I’m not a philosopher, my thoughts are corny, pathetic and sugary sometimes!)

If Love is not what’s written in your eyes, what’s left for me to be?

I wish I were your lover, so that my body would be the sheet you need to write your poetry. You’d kiss my eyes when tears turn into acid, you’d promise thousands happy-endings! I’d be fulfillment, passion and perfection!

Then…I’d be yours.





The curious sparkle in his eyes shows me that my smile was real, but I say nothing. Today my lips refuse to speak the little lies we’re so used to, or maybe it’s my heart that’s tired of pretending. So I just take his hand and press my fingers into the warmth of his palm, like a little bird trying to find a nest.

He saw me dreaming away and, for one moment, the blue in his eyes became a stormy sea. But then, one split second away, the gates of his soul opened, along with his arms. I put my head on his chest and, in this sweet silence, the beatings of his heart became music.

We broke so many boundaries along the path, some made us grow, some turned us into strangers to each other, but here I am, building my fortress around a love that needs no words. He’s not my prince, not anymore, I’m not his long lost princess, and this castle cannot imprison us. We are more than our hurtful words.

I’m here against all of my fears, he’s here against all of his anger. And, while his fingers carelessly play with my hair, while my body finds it so easy to unwind the tension inside, I inhale the scent of his skin, knowing for sure and for ever that we are Love.

So when tears fall uncontrollable, when my voice breaks and I just cling to you, like a helpless child lost in the rain, when all we have is here and now and you’re afraid to ask me why I laugh and cry at the same time…

then I’ll just whisper in your ear, and you’ll pretend to believe me, ’cause that’s my ultimate truth:

We’re anchors to each other.



Can you hear me crying?

68281533_2631272606903364_8485486330300596224_nPages filled with angry words…metaphors for an agonizing love.

Rooms filled with hateful screams…expression of a dying passion.

Hearts filled with emptiness.

They asked us to stay isolated and we did it! Many years ago…


Today is different, my love. This tremble inside me -a sign that I’m still alive- reminds me of warmth, so I’ll just take my favorite blanket and wrap it around my bare feet, celebrating my sweet memories…

Tonight is special, my dearest. This salty taste of tears on my burning lips -a sign that I’m still awakened- reminds me of sweetness, so I’ll just take a glass of red wine and some of the finest dark chocolate, honoring the woman in me…

Right now…that’s all I have, my precious. This beautiful silence in my restless soul -a sign that I’m still blessed- reminds me of rising above pain and ashes, so I’ll just play my favorite love songs, commemorating our bitter-sweet story…


And, as darkness settles in, my beloved, I’ll cry for all the missed embraces, for all the words that never found their way between us. For you and me -the isolated ones- who murdered love in too many cruel ways. Forgive me for needing you that desperately.

Can you hear me crying, my love? I’m right here, on the other side of the wall…




Photo from my personal collection

Why do fairy-tales fail, baby?


Your eyes, my love, they shine in golden, vibrant colors, with all the kindness in the Universe, and I should feel blessed. My hero, the one who traveled through time and space just to find me, you’re looking into my soul with such tenderness…

Who is her? The girl you’re searching in me?

Your hands, my love, they’re warm and gentle, caressing my bare skin in soft, sweet touches, and I should feel safe. My prince of a far-away kingdom, the one who fought endless, pointless echoes of this tragedy called life, just to love me…

Where is her? The girl you thought I am?

Your words, my love, whispers of hope and devotion, little secret miracles, they’re nesting in my soul, resting within me, living through every beating of this restless heart, and I should feel healed. My destiny, the one I thought forever lost and, yet, you defied all rules just to be my shelter…

How is her? The girl you hoped I’d be?

Is she happily smiling when you kiss her burning lips, just like I am, in all my dreams?

Does she whisper your name in the sweetest yearn for passion, just like I do, in all my fantasies?

Could her arms hold you fearlessly, knowing she’s yours eternally, like I would, in a perfect fairy-tale?

Would you love her, like you’d never love me? 

Your story, my love, it resonated with mine and, for a brief moment, I dreamed I was a princess. I should feel grateful, and, yet, it broke me inside…



All credits for the photo to the free photos website http://www.pixabay.com


You wont remember me…

62476938_2531679523529340_7617729226556309504_nI was aching for a touch, a special kind of touch, so I brought you here, where the sun kisses the waves, where the wind swears its love to the falling leafs…

Was it my dream? or was it yours? I cannot remember anymore…the moment when we laid on the sand, heart by heart, hand in hand…that moment sealed my lips, so no more words of pain could turn to life…

My trembling fingers tracing the tears on your face, kissing each one, tasting the salty water on your cheeks. Whispers from your dream…yes, I’m being silly again…these  aren’t tears, it’s only the sea and its bitter-sweet memories…

And then we’re dancing against the cruel time…it’ll take me away…it always does…

Not in your dream, not in your heart…where am I, my love?

Not in your memories.



Photo from my personal collection.



Dark corners (Who is this girl?)


Who is this girl starring at me?

Her eyes – deep butterflies hidden into the cliffs of the unknown.

Her skin – pale like the moonlight in a starless sky.

Her hair – clothing for skinny, bare, tired shoulders.

She is not well…


Who is this girl who never smiles back?

I see the corners of her mouth slowly lifting the irony of a fake smile.

They always seem to hurt, they always appear as false,

Her lies, reflected in the corners of her red berry lipstick

She is not honest…


Who is this girl crying inside?

She’s carrying a long lost love, killed by her favorite hero.

Through pain she learned that ashes burn deeper than fire!

That tears cannot feed a hungry heart!

She is not in love…no more in love…


Who is this girl giving up all the fighting?

Knowing damn well about the war she’s loosing with every step back!

Running from the beast trying to conquer her soul…

Fight back, girl, fight back!

She is not peaceful, nor in peace…


Who is this girl starring at me

From the dark corners of my memories?

Who is this girl in the mirror?



I found the image at: https://airfreshener.club/quotes/girl-mirror-looks-sadly.html




Don’t cry for your lost love…

3-woman-walk-at-beach-watermarkIf every love story would have a color, mine would be like the gentle golden rays of an early autumnal morning…

If the memories would turn to music, ours would be like a lovely lullaby, sung by a choir of angels…

If my sadness would have a taste, it would be the sweetness of the unseen tears on my lips when you kissed me goodbye…

So, tell me…

Where do the falling stars live? Is there a secret, invisible sky that I could, maybe, look at? While calling your name again and again…in vain…

Or should I search for your smile at the end of the rainbow? If we could find that magical place, with heavenly nuances, maybe we could be happy there…

Is there a special paradise meant for all the innocent hearts that die too soon, too often, too cruelly? Can you take me there?

Because, you see, if my love is a gentle golden light, I don’t want to be colorblind.

If my memories sound like a lullaby, I don’t want to mute the music.

Oh, my sadness…it tastes like acid rain on my dried lips, and I don’t want to die thirsty and desperate!

I know there’s life after love, just that my heart is refusing it…

But here I am, pleading with you, love… my love, don’t cry. Don’t read the lines through blurry eyes, they’re only meant to heal our hearts. Life has been so generous to me…I had you in my arms!

Don’t cry, don’t ever cry…Let’s taste the kisses of the rain drops, they’ll take us to the special place where hearts live in heavenly nuances…

And love will be eternal.



I found the image at: https://www.toperfect.com/woman-walk-at-beach-watermark.html